Limited Edition Bamboo Flea Reed – Is It Worth The Money?

When I was little, I would run out the door as soon as I heard my dad’s truck pull up in our driveway. Fishing was our favorite hobby as father and daughter, and I couldn’t wait to grab my pole and fish in the cool waters. Fishing was reserved for life chatter and occasional jokes. As one of the many daughters in my family, my time alone with my dad was special. After he passed away in the fall, I remembered our fishing trips and still remember “my” old fishing rod. It was a flea bamboo fly rod from Orvis.

What makes a bamboo fly rod special?

A bamboo fly rod is made of bamboo (some call it a cane). Cane from Tonkin and Calcutta is used to make bamboo canes. Both are said to be the strongest of all bamboo species due to their high density fibers. Anglers know that density and flexibility are the key to successful fly fishing. Another reason pole builders use these bamboo species is for their well-spaced nodes, straightness, and light-weight throwing abilities.

The process of making a bamboo cane is quite intense. In fact, it can take more than 100 hours to make a rod! The artists wrap the silk fibers of the bamboo strips by hand to create the rod guide. Most bamboo poles are handcrafted, and the Orvis Limited Edition Flea Bamboo Fly pole is no exception.

Due to the lengthy time it takes to make one of these specialty rods, some perfectly good old bamboo rods cost more than $ 15,000. Collector’s editions like the limited-edition Flea Bamboo cost between $ 1,500 and $ 7,000. Because they are limited edition rods, their value will only increase over time. I’ve never had mine appraised, but I can assume it would cost a penny as it shows minimal wear and tear.

Features of the limited edition bamboo flea pole

Anglers who want a lightweight rod will be delighted with this beautiful product. Handcrafted in Vermont in 2008 only, this split bamboo, 4-wt. 6 1/2, agile treasure blends beauty with ability.

Split bamboo offers the lightest casting capacities. I have used several different rods and find this bamboo rod to be far superior to its competitors. Weighing just 4 oz, this rod is perfect for fishing in streams and shallow water streams. In fact, many critics prefer this rod for shallow water fishing. Tie a small fly on the Flea rod, and you have a perfect fishing cohort!

This new version of the original Flea Bamboo Fly Rod offers the same taper specifications as the original Flea Bamboo rod. Its updated hardware and hand-engraved nickel silver slide reel seat band offer the style of yesteryear. A Wes-Jordan style tube, heavy gauge leather protective lining and additional tip complete this fine, handcrafted product.

If you are thinking of acquiring this rod, keep in mind that its value will increase over time. This limited edition Flea was only made in 2008 and is a collector’s edition. I still look at mine fondly. When spring comes this year, I’ll take out my old bamboo pole and think about my dad. After all, he taught me everything I know about fishing.

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