Kill those lice with Denorex

A pediculosis or head louse is a real problem. As well as being uncomfortable and itchy, it’s pretty embarrassing to scratch your head in public. People will see you as contagious and disgusting, which can be quite frustrating and annoying. Although the appearance of lice has nothing to do with hygiene, there is still the psychological implication that you are a dirty person.

So basically what are head lice? The scientific term for head lice is Pediculosis Human us Capitis and they are small invertebrate parasites no better than vampire bats. They ooze human heads by attaching themselves to strands of hair and then pierce the human scalp with their mouths and inject chemicals through their saliva to ensure a good texture for the blood they are sucking. Their excretions during feeding become embedded in the human scalp. All of these irritate the human scalp and skin, causing redness and blemishes and, in some cases, even infections. The most disgusting thing is that they excrete while they feed and not before or after.

Lice hatch from fertile nits that take about a week to hatch to the nymphal stage. Each louse goes through three nymphal joints before becoming an imago or adult louse. Ten days after becoming adults, they go through a mating process. Once they have selected a mate, they mate frequently throughout their lives, which is about four weeks.

A female louse lays 50 to 150 nits in her short four-week lifespan, and about 60 percent of those nits are fertile. A couple of them can transform the human head into a thriving ecosystem. A group of them can proliferate in the same way that the people of the great civilizations have. Some of them would even venture into new horizons, specifically, new human heads to infest and colonize. They can spawn many more to take their place for as long as they are alive.

So why do people get head lice? Head lice can be transferred by contact as they are extremely contagious. The sure chances of you getting head lice are if you share a comb with an infected person or even if you sleep in the same bed that an infected person just left. Aside from being very loving creatures, lice are adventurous and like to travel and breed. No matter how clean you are, if you come into direct contact with someone who has lice, your chances of coming into contact with lice are extremely high.

We now come to Denorex. What exactly is Denorex and how does Denorex get rid of lice? Aside from killing lice, Denorex is a shampoo-based product that

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