Is everyone capable of successfully working from home?

Working from home or as a freelancer seems like a great idea. It is not like this? Many people think that working from home for any business, online job or freelancing gives them more space and freedom. It definitely does. It has many advantages which I am going to discuss later, however, one should not ignore the claims and disadvantages of it as well.


Let’s talk about the positives and negatives of working from home:

Work according to your own schedule: This is perhaps the biggest advantage you have in working from home. You can make a flexible schedule according to your comfort level. You start or stop working whenever you want. If you feel a little need to rest, just turn off and take a break. Some people like to work late in the evening or at night. They will be more than happy if they get a work at home opportunity. You can have lunch, dinner, tea and coffee whenever you want. Just relax, make your own hours and work anytime or any number of hours throughout the day. Manage the time as you feel comfortable.

Be your own boss: Unlike office jobs, you don’t have a BOSS. Nobody will come to your desk to check if you are working or not. Do not inform or scold BOSS at all. ‘No sword hangs over the head’ is one of the most calming thoughts for many people. Therefore, no or less stress than office work.

It can be managed on weekends or part-time: Flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of working from home. If your job isn’t too extensive, you can manage it on the weekends and as part time alongside a regular job. If you are working with a company that allows you to work as much as easily manageable, you should take advantage of working from home. It would be a great source of money, although it may not be very well paid. However, with a few hours of weekly work, you can earn some extra money.

Decorate your office as you like: Not only the time, the space is also yours when working from home. You can arrange a corner for your table and computer system wherever you want. Decorate it with flowers, photos, colors and things of your choice. If and when necessary, you can also change the place. If your work is mainly computer-based, you can sit with your laptop on the lawn, on the rooftop, on the balcony, etc. It is not tied to a single space.

Big savings: When you join an office, you need to go to work 5 days a week. You have to maintain a proper wardrobe, as well as set aside a good amount of money for monthly transportation and food expenses. Sometimes your office is located far away and getting there is nothing short of a hassle. Or you have to depend on external food that you don’t like. Some of the companies offer pick up and drop off and food for the employees for a reasonable cut of their salary. But in that way, they get great ease. Wardrobe, transportation, and food expenses eat up a big chunk of your paycheck. Working from home totally subtracts clothing and transportation costs. Then there is only the food you enjoy in the form of healthy and inexpensive home-cooked meals.

No frustrating co-workers or workplace problems: One of the biggest and most stressful problems in the office and a regular job is the presence of unpleasant and uncooperative co-workers. Harassment is also a big problem in the workplace, especially for women. Working from home saves you from these frustrating things that can also have a negative effect on your health and career growth.


Above were some positive aspects of working from home. Now, let’s take a look at the negatives as well:

laziness: Working from home gives you the advantage of flexible hours, but it also requires a great deal of self-discipline. If you’re lazy, you can’t meet deadlines. You must have to make a schedule and set daily working hours for it to work smoothly. Postponing work to the next day will hurt your progress.

Working alone offers no competition: The presence of co-workers provides a competitive environment and motivates you to work better and better. Working at home has none of that. You are your own competitor there, so the performance comparison is also not involved. Competing and defeating yourself is not easy for everyone.

Provide a space in the home: If you have a lot of space at home, great. But if you live in a tight space, it can be difficult to reserve a room to work from home. Also, you may have to tolerate noise and disturbance from children and family.

Lack of communication between the team: If you work for a remote or out-of-country employer, you feel a lack of communication with other teammates and employers. Online meetings and chat cannot produce the results that face-to-face and office jobs do. The time difference between countries also matters. You may have to wait for the meeting or chat for long hours.

Work ethics and culture: Ethics and culture are very important if you work for an employer outside of the country. If an African works for an American company, he may have to deal with behavioral and cultural issues. Some cultures don’t like to hear a NO from employees; some are encouraged to express their opinion. So working from home can also be stressful due to cultural differences.

So these are the positives and negatives related to working from home. If you like it, you must take into account all these aspects. Take all facets into account before launching into work from home. It is not suitable for everyone. If you’re ready to take on and meet the demands of working from home, go ahead. If not, prefer an office job instead.

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