If a man showers with hot water before having sex, is he more likely to have a girl or a boy?

Sometimes I hear from women who want to know what their husband or partner should do to help them get the sex they want when they are trying to conceive. One of the variables that I am sometimes asked about is warm or hot showers.

I heard someone say, “I heard that if a man takes a very hot shower before having sex, it will help to have a girl. Is this correct? Or the advice of the hot shower to try to conceive a boy. ? “

The thinking behind this tip is that the heat from the shower will lower a man’s sperm count. And as this process occurs, more Y-producing sperm or children would be killed because those sperm chromosomes are weaker. So along this same line of thinking, the theory is that the sperm left over after the hot shower is more likely to produce a girl. Therefore, if the theory is correct, it would increase the probability that a girl is a baby (not a boy).

I see the logic of this kind of thinking, but I think it is not entirely correct. I’ll tell you why in the next article.

A man’s sperm can be affected by changes in temperature, but it has to be extreme: It is true that sperm are very sensitive to temperature. This is said to be the reason why a man’s testicles lie outside his body. However, it takes more than a hot shower to raise your body temperature, which is what it takes to have a significant impact on sperm.

Now if you were talking about a very hot sauna or sitting in a hot tub for an extended period, these things could actually lower your sperm count. But when you are trying to get pregnant, I think you would want a higher sperm count to increase your chances of conceiving. But more important than that, what a man does today affects his future sperm, not his present sperm, which brings me to the next point.

It takes 2 to 3 months for sperm to be produced. Today’s habits only affect future production: Just for the sake of argument, let’s just say the hot shower would affect the man’s sperm. The thing to remember is that it takes months for sperm to be produced. So if a man were to shower today, this would have an effect on the sperm he is producing months from now, but not in his immediate future. Therefore, showering before sex is not going to have any effect on the sperm that will be released that same day in an attempt to conceive.

That is why this theory is not solid in my opinion. Not only is a hot shower not enough to lower your sperm count, but even if it did, it would affect what happens months in the future. So to answer the question posed, there are old superstitions that suggest that a man’s hot shower before conception favors a girl, but there is little science to back it up.

And, if this couple wanted a girl, the best idea would be to have sex before ovulation when the woman had an acid PH and was also preventing orgasm. These things have an immediate and significant effect. Also, with this method you can maintain a high sperm count for the best chance of success. Remember that each sperm chromosome increases your chances of pregnancy, so you should have a high count, not a low one.

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