How to start a student council and run it effectively

Student councils and the activities associated with them differ in different schools. Here are some common tips to help you start and run a student school council that is beneficial to both the students and the school.

What should a student council do?

  • It should address student concerns and include ways to resolve problems if they are genuine. In the process, the council becomes the motive for all improvements in the school.
  • Organizing events of interest to students and those that provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents is also an important role to be played by the student council.
  • It should promote interaction between parents and teachers that will benefit both the students and the school. This establishes a kind of mutual understanding between students and school authorities.

How to make your school council effective?

Organize: know the interest of the students through surveys and make a list of the activities that they may like. But don’t fill the curriculum with just activities. Prioritize and provide something that is in the best interest of students.

Selection of council members: Everything about the council depends on the students who participate in it. It is important that council members are enthusiastic, proactive, vigilant, cooperative with students, and have leadership qualities.

Group Meetings: Group meetings should be held at regular intervals to discuss various aspects of the student council’s operation. Ideally, student council members, volunteers, class representatives, teachers, counselors should be a part of the meetings.

Student Interaction: These tips are ultimately for the benefit of the students. Therefore, all activities carried out must be professional for the students. Involve students as much as possible. Encourage suggestions and ideas from them.

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