How to have a progressive dinner aboard a bus

Progressive dinners can be a lot of fun! Give everyone a chance to visit old neighbors and meet new friends too. Everyone can show off their culinary skills, try new dishes, and hopefully have some of the favorites from years past.

Sometimes, however, you want to spread the fun outside of your neighborhood, going from house to house in different suburbs.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a progressive dinner with friends who don’t live in your neighborhood?

So transportation could be a problem, right?

No way! Why does everyone worry about driving from house to house?

Rent a party bus for the night

You can even have a uniformed chauffeur pick everyone up and drive them to the first house for an aperitif. Then everyone can head next door for the salad and breadsticks.

The party continues as you travel to the next place.

It’s so much fun riding a party bus together while the party goes on on board between courses too!

Now is the time for the main course

After house with salad and breadsticks, hop on the party bus and head everyone to the next house for the entrée. Have two or three of the guests bring the side dishes on the party bus and they can be served with the main dish there.

Last but not leasing: it’s dessert time

When the main course and the wonderful side dishes are finished, it’s time to go home with the desserts!

Finally, at the end of an entertaining evening, it’s time for your sober bus driver to drive you all safely home!

Renting a party bus guarantees a sober driver

Having your own chauffeur to take all the guests will ensure that everyone arrives at each location on time and that there are no issues with any of the guests getting lost along the way, or drinking and driving.

Everyone is safe and happy aboard the party bus!

All the bells and whistles

Many party buses will have flat-screen televisions on board, as well as a stereo sound system and party lights to entertain the group as they travel from house to house.

With a party bus, you even have enough space to include an extra friend or two, as they can be quite comfortable.

While everyone is on the party bus going from house to house, there’s no need to leave alcohol out of the equation – you have your own designated safety-trained driver on board to take care of you on the party bus!

So relax and let the group enjoy the evening with a progressive dinner like no other.

This holiday is one that will be remembered for years to come and will likely be repeated over and over again!

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