How to check if a domain is prohibited by Google AdSense

Google AdSense is probably the best program available to allow Internet bloggers and website owners to capitalize on the popularity of their sites. The income thus generated can be lucrative and valuable, however, it is necessary to verify your domain as sites that are banned in Google AdSense will not have this option.

The 5 most useful web tools

There are several web application tools with which to check if a domain is banned by Google AdSense, and the top five are discussed here. The first is the simple and basic method of manually verifying the domain. In this case, do a standard Google search using the domain name. Typically, if no results are returned, it will be an indication that the domain in question has been removed from Google’s index. Clearly, the new domains may also fail to achieve any results because there are no pages or content available in the index.

The second web application tool used to determine and verify if a domain is banned from Google AdSense revenue is using any of several automated verification methods, such as This is a simple tool by which webmasters can enter their URL and do an instant verification.

Google Webmaster Tools

The third recommended web application tool for users planning to use the revenue generating capabilities of Google AdSense is to take full advantage of the services available through Google Webmaster Tools. With them, you can examine, optimize and improve the latest information on all aspects of a website.

Google AdSense Sandbox

The fourth tool that potential webmasters should include in their arsenal is the Google AdSense Sandbox. When using this tool, the display of an advertisement indicates that the site is in the index and is not prohibited. This tool will also indicate exactly what the violation is and allow repairs to be made to the domain to make you eligible for the program again.


The fifth and final tool that should be part of any webmaster’s armament is a trusted eCommerce website builder like Shopify. Building a business website can be tricky, and having an expert guide you through the process will remove all the pitfalls that cause a domain to be banned from Google AdSense by verifying that the domain is built ethically and correctly. There are a multitude of reasons that cause a website to be removed from Google’s index, and following the instructions and guidance of the professionals will ensure that the potentially lucrative rules of the AdSense program are sufficiently adhered to.

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