How to Activate God’s Covenant Blessings

The pact is a mutual agreement between two people that is binding on both. In this context, a covenant is an agreement between God and man. It is based on certain conditions that must be met to be valid.

Meeting these conditions will activate certain blessings from God. So how are these covenant blessings activated? These and other issues will be highlighted in this article.


The Bible emphasizes the blessing of obedience. God has promised us countless blessings if we obey and do what he tells us to do. Some of the covenant blessings he promised include:

  • God will make you abundant in goods
  • Blessed will be the works of our hands
  • You will not be borrowers, but moneylenders to the nations.
  • Every one of your enemies will be destroyed before your face

One of the keys to activating these covenant blessings is total obedience to God.


This is the ability to remain silent and avoid the temptation to push ourselves to rise above others. There are certain covenant blessings that God will not give to a proud person. Testing our willingness to receive these wonderful treasures from God is a function of our humility. Great men who have reached a high level of success in life were humble in spirit and attitude.


If we ask God for something, it will be given to us as long as we are not asking for it for the wrong reasons. Prayer is a secret to receive the desires of our heart from above. If we persistently pray to our creator with a sincere heart, the answers will eventually come.

However, one should make sure that anything that might hinder the answer to his prayers has been resolved, before turning to him in supplication.


It is your knowledge of the truth that determines the extent of the release of its blessings on your life. The Bible declares: “My people were destroyed for lack of knowledge“You remain the way you are because you lack the knowledge to activate God’s covenant blessings. If a man has the key to a room filled with a variety of foods, he will still starve if he doesn’t know what. All we need to be successful in life has already been created for our use, all we need is the knowledge to make the most of these precious blessings.

Take an active part in the things of God.

When we joyfully occupy ourselves in God’s house, doing one thing or another, he delights in us and opens the windows of heaven to pour out riches from above. To expect God to move when you are not moving is to remain in perpetual bondage in the midst of abundance. He is pleased in what we do to advance his kingdom.

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