How long do you have to ignore a guy before he misses you? This is what you should be doing

Kill women around the world by always being the one who tells the boy that she misses him. And what is the usual reaction of a boy? It does not seem to affect him. Women always ask why they always have to be the ones looking desperate. Can the tables be turned? Here are some “wait” tactics you can do to make this guy miss you terribly:

Appearing too busy to answer your calls or emails.

Whenever you call, let the call go to voicemail and then listen to him as he babbles your greeting. Get to work on something else. Don’t reply to their text messages too. Do your best to keep your silence. This won’t be difficult, especially if you know that eventually, he would go crazy and show up right at your doorstep.

Don’t put yourself at your disposal each and every time

Every time he asks you out, tell him that you already have plans. The next time he asks you out again, tell him that you have a date with your friends. Play your role with a T, make her wonder why you’re not peeing in your pants to see it.

When I leave a message on his machine, call him 3 days later

Three days could be the time it takes for me to miss you. Make sure he doesn’t hear from you in those three days. This is the most acceptable time for him to wonder why you are not calling him yet and if you are okay.

If he always takes you for granted, ignore him for two weeks.

If you’re the one who always asks if you want to go out, or if you’re the only one making an effort to make the relationship work, don’t show up for two whole weeks. This would catch him off guard and hopefully he will be the one to make the effort to be with you once again.

Don’t waste your time just waiting for it

You can’t just be depressed, waiting for your phone to ring. You have to keep busy because waiting for him won’t do you much good. You could spend your time with your friends or even exercising.

Resist the urge to contact him.

Try to put in a little more hours at work. This will not only prevent you from dialing his number, but it will also do wonders for your career.

If you want me to miss you, ignore it when you see it out there

Whenever you see it out there, say in the office or at school, ignore it. For a few days, it seems like you don’t care if you see it or not. The time apart when the two of you don’t talk should make him miss you.

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