How did I make 500,000 protection phone calls?

Have you ever been in network marketing?

Did you make money?

When you start out in network marketing, all there is to your team is you. You have to make some sales. What do you do when it’s just you to succeed?

In March 1995 I decided that I wanted to build a network marketing empire. She knew that most people failed to make real money in the industry. I determined that his failure was the result of an unwillingness to work hard. So he knew that in order to be successful, he needed to take massive action. I started calling 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. I cold called the people listed in the “Dallas Business Journal” and asked them “if it were possible to earn $50,000 a month, without interfering with your current business, would that be something you would be interested in?” I made 100 dials a day, talked to 30 people a day, made them up for a meeting, booked 3, so 1 would show up and 1 out of 10 would get in. When someone entered, he taught them to do the same.

For the next 5 years of my network marketing career,

Made 500,000 calls, talked to 37,500 people, booked 3,750 appointments, showed 375 people, put 37 people in business and made $2,500 per month, before expenses, for the effort. After 60 painful months, I was heartbroken, quit, and swore I would never do anything like this again.

Are you using outdated information, taught by those who haven’t produced for years or maybe never have? Have you lost yourself in mastering what doesn’t work? Allow yourself to go through your period of pain so that you can let it go and move on to the next level.

What is stuck in network marketing? Are you holding on to what you’re doing that isn’t giving you the results you want?

Are you stuck in training or decision mode stuck thinking what to do, no action? Mood is everything. You must reset your intentions.

Old Fashioned Network Marketing Prospecting Leads to Bankruptcy

As long as you’re doing manually what should be on autopilot, you’re doomed to burnout and disappointment.
Yes, you must have a constant source of leads entering your conversion funnel at all times.

There are 7.069 billion people on the planet; 2 billion of them are online.

There are 2,000,000,000 people looking for something.

A blog is the cutting edge method of growing a modern network marketing business. A blog is your showcase. But how do you get people to find it?

If you don’t have a marketing budget for your network marketing business, work on SEO and social media campaigns.

If you have cash for your startup network marketing business but no time, then make paid advertisements with banner ads, magazine ads, or rent an email list. Embrace the process from wherever you are. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know it.

Drive traffic to a capture page, let them do the sifting, and send the prospect to a video presentation. Put prospecting people on autopilot on a capture page. Talk only to those who see it and buy something.

You must have an automated network marketing lead management system that tracks and sells your customers for you.

Main on strategies. When you first look, your credibility is low, it takes effort to go from 0 to something per month. Then $10k-100k requires less work for more money. Do what you want others to do and find those who want to do it. Get more money for less energy.

You can only learn to do by doing what you’re not good at and haven’t practiced enough to get better at until you get it right. By the accident of large numbers, you start to succeed from time to time. Therein lie the seeds of something incredible.

The wonders imagined, amazing, magical, take precedence over the tangible that only comes from failure until success appears like a mystic.

The network marketer outsources what he doesn’t do well. He takes advantage of your time. Use existing proven systems. Take massive action. Create a culture of belonging. It takes more work to go from $0 to $10,000 a month than it does to go from $10,000 to $500,000 a month. Videos are more efficient than phone calls. Leverage numbers with the right system and the kind of wealth you’ve always dreamed of can be yours.

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