How can I get back with my ex girlfriend? Communication is key to any relationship

How can I get my ex girlfriend back? Ask yourself: How did you communicate? It is important to share here one of the most common underlying reasons for breakups and that is: Poor communication.

You may think, No, it was sex or cheating or money issues etc, but read this:

The ability to communicate effectively began a long time ago before starting elementary school. It is a simple but critical habit known as READING.

As a reader, you develop communication skills. Bad readers are bad communicators. Reading in general increases your awareness of what is happening and your ability to respond. The words and ideas that flood your brain sharpen your communication skills, and the ability to convey thoughts, feelings, values, opinions, wants, needs, joys, and frustrations stem from your mastery of language. You cannot communicate if words fail you. A nonreader generally cannot regain the vocabulary necessary to express ideas. Consequently, the non-reader usually says few consequences. If you are a bad communicator, start reading more. Self-help books are a great place to start.

Absence usually makes the heart warm

Another answer to the question, How can I get back with my ex-girlfriend?

Make yourself scarce. Disappear from their sight. The time they spend away from her gives both of them the opportunity to think with less emotion and more objectivity. Focus on other things. But not self-destructive things, you know what we’re talking about here. If the breakup was directly related to your behavior, then set a goal to correct that aspect of your behavior, and until you’ve made progress in that area, trying to get back together too soon will only make a bad situation worse.

So focus on something worthwhile and enjoyable to do, or maybe even something that, overall, could make you a better person, like reading good content for at least 20 minutes every day.

– The main thing here is to keep busy with productive things. An idle mind is the perfect breeding ground for sadness, depression, and wallowing in self-pity. So keep busy.

Getting Back Together: A Mutual Benefit?

And another thing you might not want to think about: if they got back together, would it be the best for her? Do you want to reestablish the relationship you once had just because that’s what you want? Have you considered your feelings? Is it better with you or without you?

When you were together, were you both happy together? Or was one of you always miserable?

You may have met couples like this: one of them always on the edge, afraid to say the wrong thing or act a certain way because it annoys the other person, to the point where a seemingly harmless statement or action ends in a shouting match. or worse.

This is a horrible way to spend life. The point is, if you can’t honestly say that my ex-girlfriend would be much better off with me than without me, it’s time to move on. But if you feel in your heart that getting back together is the best thing for both of you, then do whatever it takes to try and get back together.

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