House training a mature dog – Discover how to do it

It’s admirable when someone gets a mature dog from the pound, for example, and gives it a new home. But what if he’s not house trained? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? Learn more in this article.

Every year millions of people adopt mature dogs. Puppies may be cute, but their owners will soon realize that they are only cute for about 3 months and they will grow up in no time. But what if the mature dog isn’t house trained yet? What can you do then?

Advantages of house training a mature dog

Actually, training a mature dog can have its advantages. For example, they have better bladder control, so they can be better controlled as long as you take them out at critical times: in the morning, after meals, and before bed.

Disadvantages of house training a mature dog

Some older dogs have never had any type of training and have simply been free to go potty whenever and wherever they want.

You may need to wait longer to get them used to going to the bathroom when you’re on a leash. At first, they simply will not understand why you are waiting and what you are waiting for. Be sure to give them lots of praise after they’ve gone potty outside, and over time, they’ll soon figure out what you want.

Otherwise, like training a puppy

Otherwise, house training an adult dog is just like training a puppy and many of the same rules apply.

First, get the dog used to going at regular times. As stated above, this means taking them out first thing in the morning, within half an hour of each meal, and last thing at night.

Second, use a training crate to train your dog. These are cruelty free and are recommended by all dog trainers. A cage is a warm but clean place where the dog can sleep, it is a “den” if he prefers it. Let the dog make its home in the crate.

A crate works great because a dog doesn’t like to sleep in his own mess. So by keeping the dog confined to the crate for the first few days, he will not make a mess in there and only outside.

After a few days, start letting him out of the cage and into the house, but only under your supervision. Anytime the dog cannot be supervised, place it back in the crate.

Eventually, your dog will learn that he can only go to the bathroom outside the house or next to his crate where you can leave some newspapers on the floor. He’ll get so used to this that he’ll never use the rest of the house as a bathroom.

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