God is speaking through the Internet and putting an end to the world

The Internet is the most amazing piece of modern technology, and yet it came about in a simple way. During World War II, inventive brains worked to develop a decoding coin so that the enemy’s plans could be deciphered. This was not the first, as many came before. After the war, employment shifted to industry and technology, and machines became their own thing, along with calculators and so on.

The term “computer” was first recorded in 1613 to describe a human being. It is possibly the trigger for thoughts that a machine could be developed to do what he did. Over the next 400 years, various types of machines slowly came into play.

One can see from the series of events that the production of the communication device that we now take for granted was part of a plan. As with any invention or progress, it does not happen overnight and other things must also come into play.

Along with the steps required to create the Internet, others were developed to enable it. Some worked on electrical components, some on the phone and cordless, some on building cabinets to house them, and eventually the technology behind the televised images was added to the mix.

Along with these innovations came other ideas. The way of storing information led to the development of memory, while RAM allowed graphics and images. Companies were started that brought the computer from the huge ‘colossus’ of the British decoding machine to the one on Olivetti’s 1964 desk.

After that, the computer was ready to become a household name. The first microprocessor was developed by Intel in 1971. This was quickly followed by the first microcomputer in 1973. Each of these machines came from people of different nationalities and backgrounds, including the latest from a French-Vietnamese engineer in association with a Frenchman.

The first personal computer appeared in 1975 and the first laptop, developed by IBM, later that year. The first Apple computer hit the market in 1976.

With security a primary concern, the military in many countries worked on ways to secretly pass information over phone lines and then other devices. What they needed was a wireless transfer that could be scrambled and computers that could communicate with each other without interference from outside influences.

In 1976, a pair of researchers named Kahn and Cerf published a blueprint of their idea of ​​wireless information transmission. It then went live when a computer passed typed information and sent it to a source for transmission as radio signals. They were picked up by an antenna and then passed to another computer where they could be read.

The Internet was born and is just 41 years old. All that was required after that was to use phone technology to bring the two together in the convenience of today’s communication system.

Only the Spirit of the Universe, the real God, could do this by putting ideas in the minds of those who worked for four centuries and in many countries to do so. My reincarnation and my bond with the Spirit have allowed me to understand the detailed plan in the Old Testament prophecies. In it there is a promise that at the end of the day the mountain of God will appear and from it the world will hear and understand all things.

In the last days, the mountain of the house of God will appear on top of the mountains and the whole world will flow towards it. “ Micah 4: 1.

Few will dispute the fact that we’ve reached that point and the internet is the highest mountain in the world. It is the place of teaching and the depository of history since practically man came to earth. Little by little, over the last few millennia, progress has taken us from hunter-gatherers to people who can instantly talk to other people anywhere in the world.

It has also attracted the interest of all who visit it with their mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices. The wars fought have given us an incentive to do better, which explains why they happened. Other things like disease, famine and natural tragedies have added to the development of our current systems.

God is speaking to the world through these words and others numbered by the billions who can now tune into them. Terrorists and those who seek to destroy everything are part of the framework to deliver the final blow. We don’t know when it will happen, but like the internet, the promise will come true.

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