Gift Exchange Ideas for Teens

What do you give the teenager who has everything? What about the teenager you don’t know very well? Gift exchanges are becoming more popular than ever at teen Christmas parties. Often these gifts need to be within a certain price range (usually quite cheap), but you also want them to be something others will enjoy. Here are some gift ideas that should appeal to any teen.

Great Gifts for Teen Girls: It’s usually very easy to find inexpensive gifts that appeal to teen girls. Think cosmetics. Lip glosses (especially flavors like Lip Smackers) are always popular, and you can usually find them in cute gift sets at drugstores. Anything from Bath and Body Works is also a good bet. Can’t decide on a fragrance? Get a $10 Bath and Body Works gift card, so the lucky girl can choose whatever she wants. Looking for something a little different? Fill a gift bag with some cute hair accessories and your must-have hair product. If you love it, chances are others will like it too! For something especially fun and individualized, try nail stickers! Amazon has a set of 100 fimo sticks in different designs for under $8. You may also want to add a packet of nail glue to the gift bag, so your recipient can get the most out of the gift.

GREAT GIFTS FOR TEEN GUYS: Sometimes it’s harder to find gifts for the teenage boy in your life. A sure thing is anything electronic, although electronics can be expensive. Look for cheap Xbox games. There are some that sell for $10 or less at Walmart, like Sega Superstar Tennis. Or how about a new pair of headphones? These things are cheap, but popular, and are always lost or broken. Most teens could always use an extra pair or two. Walmart also has fabulous Timex digital sports watches for $12, so if your gift’s price limit is $10, you can cheat just a little and no one will know the difference. Another great gift for teens is any of the Ax body spray gifts. Amazon has a great travel set with body spray, shampoo, and shower gel for under $9. Or look for the latest comic book or auto trade or technology magazine. Buy a few and wrap them together for an even better gift.

The holidays are a great time to give gifts, but these gift ideas will work well for any time of the year and for any occasion. So grab this list, grab your cash or debit card, and start shopping!

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