Get a rental in a land called Ten Thousand Islands

Ten thousand islands … Sounds so exotic. It sounds like a paradise made up of islands that attract unusual fauna and vegetation. It sounds like a place where you can get away and enjoy some quality time with nature. It looks like a place where you can go fishing!

In fact, Ten Thousand Islands is called the Fishing Capital of the World. You can take one of the Naples, Florida fishing charters and find a wide variety of marine life in abundance. These are the types of fish that fishermen men and women also love to fish for. They will run your line, jump high out of the water and fight. It’s fishing drama at its finest.

Variety and abundance

The Ten Thousand Islands Fishing Area is part of a National Wildlife Refuge established in 1996. It is interesting to note that it is the fact that seafood in this area is abundant that has attracted people for literally thousands of years. People who live off the land never went hungry if they lived in this area, and not much has changed over the decades. You can rent fishing charters in Naples, FL and fish for:

* Snook
* Cobia
* Shark
* Group
* Excuse me
* Under
* Tarpon
* Red fish
* Trout
* Snapper
* Mackerel
* King fish

This is not even a complete list. The reason there are so many types of fish that can be fished or fished in this area is the fact that the area is fed by estuarine waters and includes rivers and plains. Although the name would suggest that there are a thousand islands, the reality is that there are hundreds of islands with thousands of nooks and crannies where you can fish.

Just go fishing

From trolling to fly fishing, visitors to Naples, FL can count on one thing: variety! Charter anglers catch different varieties of fish in one trip. Unlike many areas where “trout fishing” or “king fish fishing” is practiced, in Ten Thousand Islands you just go fishing.

Is this area a paradise? Vacationers who have taken the time of their lives to enjoy Naples, FL fishing charters believe so. Ten thousand islands are just 40 minutes from Naples, and it truly is an exotic area that has something for anyone outdoors.

Time to try fly fishing

But there is one more thing you should know about the Ten Thousand Islands. It is not just a wildlife preserve with excellent live and artificial bait fishing. It is considered the paradise of fly fishermen. If you’ve never tried fly fishing or always wanted to, this is the place to go. The mangroves create the perfect fly fishing setting that visitors to Naples, FL will never forget.

If you fall in love with this fishing paradise, it is understandable. There are lots of fish, affordable charters, and beautiful scenery. You also don’t have to worry about getting bored here. There are so many different ways to fish, so many different types of fish, and so many features of the natural landscape that you could visit every vacation or every weekend for a lifetime and never learn it all.

The best advice you can take is to book one of the Naples, FL fishing charters. After all, paradise calls, don’t you think you should answer?

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