Fun-filled game songs and rhymes for kids

“All the work and lack of play makes Jack a boring kid” So kids, go out there and have fun! Singing games still rule the playgrounds and children enjoy singing the songs from the games and performing actions based on the verse from the nursery rhyme. Young children from all corners of the world celebrate their childhood through these fun and fun singing games.

The best funny game songs for kids:

Oranges and lemons

“Oranges and Lemons” is a traditional children’s song and rhyme game. The song refers to the bells of various churches, all within the City of London. In this singing game for children, players have to single file through an archway, made by two of the players while singing a song. In the last word of the song, the children who form the arch drop their arms to catch a couple of children who are currently passing, who are then “out.”

Here we go by the mulberry bush

“Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” is one of the popular singing games enjoyed by young children around the world. In the singing game, the children hold hands to form a circle and move around a small plant until the first verse. Later, the little players break up to imitate various appropriate actions based on the specific verse.

London Bridge is falling down

“London Bridge is Falling Down” is a popular children’s song and singing game. The game involves players passing through an arch made by two of the players while singing the rhyme. Arch then gets off at the end of the song to “catch” a player, who is then “out”.

Clap Clap Handies

Clap Clap Handies is a fun clapping game for adorable babies. It is really a happy song and young children enjoy listening to it and clapping their hands.

Did you ever see Lassie?

Players form a circle and dance around one player. When they get to the end of the verse they stop, the player in the middle performs an action, which everyone then imitates.

Tin, marine, of two pengu├ęs

“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” is a fun counting song, used to select a person in the game. A child who is pointed out by the singer on the last syllable is “counted.”

Ring a Ring o ‘Roses

“Ring a Ring o ‘Roses” is a popular playground singing game around the world. The children form a circle, hold hands, and enjoy dancing and jumping while singing it.

So, teach your kids the words to their favorite nursery rhymes and game songs. It’s fun!

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