Fish oil side effects indicate that you are using a low-quality supplement

Everyone knows that there are many health benefits associated with fish oil, unfortunately you can also experience some side effects from fish oil if you start using a low quality one.

But this is not the case with all dietary supplements. Now people have started realizing the importance of taking those dietary supplements that contain all natural ingredients and are free from any kind of chemicals.

The best thing you can do to keep yourself safe from fish oil side effects is to look for supplements that come with a certification. These companies always come up with 100% pure products and are certified through clinical tests conducted by a third party.

You should also keep yourself safe from those companies that, although they claim that their supplement is pure, have no proof of this. If you don’t, you may experience the following side effects.

You want to take supplements that have gone through the molecular distillation process, which means that the oil used to make these supplements is pure and any contaminants have been removed.

lots of burping

This is the first and foremost sign that you are taking the wrong type of supplement. You start to burp a lot and your breath starts to smell bad. There will even be a very bad taste in the mouth afterwards. The best way to avoid burping is to buy an all-natural supplement and take it before a meal.

Heartburn and upset stomach

If you do not do your research before purchasing a natural supplement, you may also experience another side effect which is heartburn and stomach upset. This happens because when you use a low quality omega3 supplement, the sheets just go rancid and affect the stomach.


Another serious side effect is diarrhea. This happens when omega 3 supplements go rancid and reduce the digestive system’s ability to absorb them properly.

The above mention of fish oil side effects does not mean that you should not take the supplement. It offers numerous health benefits, but if you take a low-quality supplement, you are bound to experience one or all of the side effects listed above. It’s best to do your research before you buy, and the Internet is the best resource for that. Look for a supplement that has gone through the process known as molecular distillation, which means that contaminants have been removed from the fish that make these supplements, leaving only fresh, high-quality oil.

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