Female sexual fantasies: here are 7 things your wife thinks about doing in the bedroom

In this article, you and I are going to talk about female SEX FANTASIES. Some women have their fantasies during the day, when they are bored at work and others have them during sex because they secretly wish that the sex their man was giving them was more exciting!

The list of fantasies you are about to read are some of the most common female sexual fantasies. An understanding of what women fantasize about. Will make you a BETTER LOVER. Guaranteed.

Female sexual fantasies: here are 7 things your wife thinks about doing in the bedroom

1. Being raped

The fantasy of rape is extremely common and many men cannot understand it.

The truth is that the fantasy of rape allows the woman to assume no responsibility for the sexual act. In other words, she is free from any guilt or shame that can so often accompany women’s sex.

2. Being groped by many men at the same time

Many women have a sexual fantasy of being groped and touched (and in some cases actually having sex) with many men at the same time.

This fantasy makes the woman feel TOTALLY DESIRED because so many people are paying attention to her.

3. Get it with another woman

Many women have the sexual fantasy of “getting on” with another woman.

Women often think that a woman would do certain things in bed much better than a man … ORAL SEX is an example.

4. Dirty talk

Many women dream of having sex with a man who talks dirty to them. For all women, dirty talk increases their sexual pleasure.

TIP: You can talk dirty and make this particular sexual fantasy a REALITY for your woman and you can start doing it tonight.

5. Have sex with a man with a very big ‘tool’

Many women have sexual fantasies involving men with unrealistically large “tools.” Some women take this to the extreme when they think about having sex with animals like horses.

TIP: If you give your wife vaginal orgasms, she won’t care how big or small you are “down there.”

6. Have sex in public

Women love NAUGHTY sex and the idea of ​​having sex in public is very naughty because of the risk of being discovered.

Many women fantasize about sex in public.

You can make this fantasy come true for your woman doing it in the car or on the beach, or in any other place that you can think of that can excite your woman.

7. Have sex with your best friend

“YES”, Really, Many women think about having sex with their man’s best friend! It may sound bad, but they do.

The best way to never have to worry about your wife cheating on you is by giving her great sex. Give her great sex by talking dirty, doing it different each time and giving her vaginal orgasms.

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