Eight interesting facts about the cafe terrace at night

One of the most tragic celebrities in world art history is Vincent Van Gogh. Although he was not very famous during his lifetime, he and his paintings gained immense fame shortly after his death, the time when he would no longer feel his fame! Today, his paintings are in peak demand and are sold at record prices.

He painted many paintings of night scenes in his lifetime. But his most famous painting of nightlife is Cafe Terrace at night, which was completed sometime in mid-September 1888. This painting has a special charm. With that charm, the painting has a lot of interesting facts attached to it which we are discussing below:

1.Van Gogh Cafe Terrace at night it is an ideal example of the artist’s imagination and excellent handling of light. This painting captures the colors of light at night. ‘Light’ and ‘night’ seem like contradictory words since this combination is hardly found in any scene.

2. In this painting, artificial gas lamps illuminate the night sky with a glimpse of the exterior of a Parisian cafe. The cafe is still there and has been a famous destination for all Gogh fans.

3. When he completed this painting, Gogh wrote a letter to his sister mentioning that he completed a night scene without using black.

4. Gogh painted this popular painting at the place he painted it during the day after preparing a sketch.

5. Although this painting is not signed by Gogh, his letters show that it is his own work.

6. The painting is now in the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands.

7. At its first official display in 1892, coffee shop at night was the name given to this painting. The title was later replaced by Cafe Terrace at night.

8. This is Gogh’s first painting with starry backgrounds.

Brief about painting

The painting depicts the night cafe scene. The terrace painted in this work has small figures of people drinking. A bright yellow lantern illuminates the terrace, the facade and the sidewalk. The roofs of the painted houses seem to have been a path that fades under the blue sky with stars and a green tree nearby. This beautiful painting tries to distinguish the usual darkness of the night with this green and blue night, thus contradicting the conventional night scenes.

Gogh has perseverance in close proximity and his great ability to depict the moment in such beautiful and brilliant color made him one of the greatest colourists to date.

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