Does your dog dig?

I guess you love your dog, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this. But, looking at your “battlefield” from a backyard full of holes sometimes makes it difficult to love your dog the way you want. You look out the window and there he’s digging like crazy, for no apparent reason. As if there is something buried there that you HAVE to have right now! My Border Collie used to drive me crazy!

So, I started looking. Calling every dog ‚Äč‚Äčexpert I could find trying to find someone who knew the answers. So, Bingo! I found a coach who really had some ideas.

He said that most dogs don’t dig for no reason. They smell something that intrigues them and forces them to dig. It could be many things. From moles to mold.

In my case, it was mold from an old decaying tree stump just below the surface. “Buster” had dug a virtual “trench” around the area.

This is what I found out. First, there are some commercial products that you can use like “Keep Off” and “Repel” and I had some success with them. But they soon lose their effect. Or they just disappear or are washed away by the rain, etc. But the attraction for digging remains.

This is what I did that broke Buster forever!

The coach who finally helped me told me to put the Busters stool in the holes. I said “will that really work?” And he said, “Well, unless your dog likes digging in shit.” I grabbed my shovel and every time I cleaned up after Buster’s “business” I’d put the stool in the hole. It worked almost immediately. Every time Buster dug a new hole, he began to fill it with poop. Within a week, Buster gave up and stopped digging.

So since you need to clean your garden anyway, you can give it a try. Get a couple of bags of top soil, put them in the poop, fill them with soil, and plant some grass seeds. Soon you will have your garden looking like a patio again.

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