Do you make these mistakes on the Scrapbooking page? Ideas on how to fix them

You’re probably guaranteed to make at least one seemingly crucial mistake when putting together a scrapbook page. Before frustration sets in and you scrap the entire project, take a deep breath, remember that flexibility is key, and find a workable solution to the problem. Here are some quick and easy ways to fix common page errors:

1) I broke the page!

Of course there will be tears. You’re mostly working with paper, after all. Fortunately, scrapbooking involves many layers. You may need to change the layout of your overall design, including adding an element that you may not have originally intended, but tears, whether large or small, can simply be covered over. Cover the tear with paper, a sticker, a border, or anything else that will mask the mistake. No one will ever suspect that there was a problem.

2) I misspelled a word!

Again, most of the time you can simply rewrite the words on a separate sheet of paper and stick it over the misspelled section.

But what if you were using stickers? Or stamps? What would happen if you wrote a long sentence simply a of the words is misspelled? Often adding a letter cramps the word. You can a) remove all the letters and start over, using glue if the adhesive has come off the stickers or stamp the phrase on a piece of card and stick over the previous phrase, b) remove all the stickers or stamps and write the phrase with marker or pen instead or c) remove the misspelled word and a couple of other words throughout the phrase, replacing them with written words to create a fun, mismatched component to your page. Problem solved.

(Avoid this problem by penciling everything first and correcting before making permanent marks.)

3) I used too much glue!

Keep cotton swabs handy to remove excess glue quickly, while it’s still wet. If the excess glue is still distracting, remove the item you glued on, trim the edges, place it on a mat to cover the excess glue on the page, and reapply.

If you spilled glue all over the page, remove what you can while it’s still wet. When it dries, use a large eraser on the glue. I should get out right away. Otherwise, try an adhesive remover, found at most craft stores. Use sparingly! Adhesive remover is also your best bet for removing misplaced adhesive labels that refuse to come off without tearing.

Another option is to use removable tape or adhesive if you find it difficult to handle the bottle of glue.

4) I made a big stain!

Sometimes you spend a lot of effort coloring or chalking a picture only to accidentally smear it. You can cover it with something else or go with it! Blur everything to give your page a “worn” effect.

5) I glued everything together and now I hate the design!

For mistakes that just can’t be fixed, save what you can and start over. No need to throw out the decorations! Most things can be saved by cutting them off the page with sharp scissors.

6) I spilled my juice all over the page!

Well, what the hell were you doing with juice near your scrapbook? Use page savers for pages you are not working on. You never know what might fall from the sky to ruin a page. If something this unfortunate happens to you, take a picture of the ruined project so you can re-create it and start over. At least you still have the idea! (Never, ever use original photos on your pages!)

Most errors can be covered up or camouflaged. Other errors take a bit of time and work to fix, but can be remedied. Sometimes you have to accept the mistake and live with it; other times, the project may need to be discarded. Remember to learn from your mistakes, take precautions beforehand, and most importantly, don’t panic. A little creative disguise goes a long way.

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