Devices to burn stomach fat: do they work?

I seem to watch a lot of TV at 3 AM and with that comes the commercials. Specifically, the stomach fat burner is advertised with various abdominal work device contractions. They seem to be dating new ones every time I watch TV. The question is…do these exercise devices work to burn stomach fat? Can they really get rid of your stomach fat like the pictures on the infomercials?

Point Reduction – Looking for gold where there is none

There is such a concept in the world of diet and exercise called spot reduction. It means exactly what it sounds like: shrinking a certain area. To lose weight, this means reducing fat in a particular area. For some, this might be the thighs, while for this particular post it means a stomach fat burner that burns off stomach fat.

While this is a great way to “dream” about weight loss, spot reduction doesn’t work…unless you hire a doctor and have surgery to reduce the localized fat in that particular area.

Our bodies don’t get rid of fat in a particular area just because we exercise it more. Unlike the way our body builds muscle (based on the muscles ripped/trained we target during workouts), fat loss is NOT dependent on the muscles we tear. While exercising our muscles is good for fat loss and helps add more calories burned at the end of the day, stomach fat burning exercise devices do not help fat loss.

Pills and stimulants to burn fat

The same goes for stomach fat burning stimulants that promise to burn stomach fat. While they will help burn calories due to increased stimulation (there are risks to these products), they will not specifically target the fatty tissue in your abdomen.

In general, to see your abs you have to have around 15% or less of total BF. The lower the percentage, the more defined you will look.

What to do to burn abdominal fat?

The correct way to burn stomach fat is to start following some kind of calorie-burning diet. Although it will not directly target stomach fat, through the fat loss process you will lose stomach fat tissue as well as fat throughout your body.

A good solution is not to follow any specific popular diet, but to learn a bit about nutrition, which foods are healthy and burn fat, which foods to avoid, which exercises burn the most calories, how to maintain muscle mass (this keeps your body fat percentage higher). low) and learning the various tips for losing weight.

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