Detoxify your system: 3 unlikely foods that detoxify your system

You can think of detox as a severe procedure that disrupts your social life. Here’s a more delicious idea. Day by day eat foods that constantly detoxify your systems, such as your colon, liver, and circulatory system, and keep you in tip-top shape at the cellular level where disease and aging begin.

Natural, fresh, still inexpensive, and definitely with gifts, here comes parsley.

Parsley detoxifies your body at the cellular level. It is high in vitamin C that strengthens and cleanses the immune system. This provides a chemoprotective rescue from internal damage at the cellular level where most diseases are conceived. It has chlorophyll that cleanses the intestines, liver, and lungs. Chlorophyll also has anti-inflammatory properties, which means less aches and pains.

It is a misuse of parsley to use it only as a garnish. For more nutritional benefits, make parsley pesto. Use a food processor or blender. Mix parsley with other boosting and cleansing foods like lemon juice, pine nuts or walnuts, garlic, and olive oil. To detoxify your system, use it regularly as a sauce, as a snack, spread on bread, or just toss it with cooked rice or pasta.

The parsley should not be cooked. Cooking destroys vitamin C and changes the characteristics of chlorophyll, thus destroying its chemoprotective abilities.

Parsley can also be added to green food smoothies. Parsley has a high antioxidant behavior that stops the formation of tumors, keeps the blood free of toxins and oxidants and even helps it resist cancer. With the use of parsley’s chemotherapy protective properties, you may never have to hear your doctor utter these terrifying words: “you need to have chemotherapy.”

Tahini made with peeled sesame seeds ground into a paste like soft butter is a gem of a food for daily detox. You may not be very familiar with food made with sesame seeds, but it is a staple in Mediterranean, North African, and Asian cuisine. One recipe that you may want to incorporate into your diet is hummus. Hummus is made by mixing tahini with lemon juice, garlic, and chickpeas. With the fiber in chickpeas and the healing properties of tahini, detoxing can turn into a delicious snacking experience. Try it! Tahini has been reported to expel microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi from the colon.

You may be familiar with the taste and flavor of roasted sesame seed oil. It is used in Asian cuisine in dressings and soups to give it a unique flavor. The pure oil has been reported to have detoxifying effects in the mouth by removing pathogens from the gums and teeth.

It is also known to expel parasites from the colon. This food has been used by ancient civilizations and its health benefits have been reported in the Vedic scriptures.

Pineapple is a tropical fruit that has bromelain, a natural enzyme that can detoxify your system starting with the colon. Pineapples are grown in Hawaii and the tropics and are available in most supermarkets. Eat only fresh pineapple to get super benefits from this fruit. It is high in vitamin C, a volatile substance that is easily destroyed by cooking. That means there is no pineapple upside down cake. But how about a pineapple salad made with papaya, grated carrots, a touch of coriander, white balsamic vinegar and grape seed oil, a yellow sensation on the plate, a cellular detox for the whole body?

Sixteen the food! Regular use of these 3 foods can help you expand your eating limits to extreme health and ultra-fast protection.

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