Debt-Free Training Programs for Unemployed – Would You Do It?

I have found that many people feel the same way I do. Why do we tell our kids who are leaving high school to go back to school? For one thing, most teens have no idea what they want to do with their personal lives, much less their careers. Either we are putting ourselves as parents in massive debt or we are imposing massive debt on our children. Imagine the pressure this puts on your child to complete a course and only find that they don’t even want to move on. Some just go ahead and finish their studies. Then when they are out of school, they hate what they are doing or have trouble finding something that they will hate doing.

I really believe that companies and schools should have internships where students have to work a full year before they can apply for any kind of funding. I know they have internships during school that are very successful, but that has already eliminated the young adults who have already dropped out of school. I think this would allow families to not have massive debt until they know what they want to do. In a perfect world, they might be working to get enough money for their student loan.

The world is changing around us every day, but the debt seems to increase more and more. Schools are more expensive and more expensive. I would love to see debt-free training programs for everyone, even the unemployed. Most of the unemployed are people who have gone to school and have not achieved the careers they thought were their dreams.

I have seen it over and over again, once they are defeated, many do not return. There are all kinds of reasons, having children at an early age, family tragedies, health, or even just losing a job. They look at their debt and just give up. They decide that they will just go to work at the local grocery store or factory, earn some money, but will never be able to achieve their dream goals growing up.

I think the world is changing and I think more and more people are finding out what they offer without debt. Imagine this, children who have passions that they love. Video games, mobile phones, applications for everything, sports, you get the idea. What if someone wanted to be a doctor? What if you did a debt free training program and earn the money you need to study using the passions you love? How many more quality doctors or specialized people do you think would be successful if they had the money to pay without going into debt?

There are only a select number of people who are truly successful in their fields upon graduation from school. Perhaps there is a young adult who could not finish school and who could be the greatest doctor or scientist of all time. We will never know. I think if we offered other options for people to get debt-free training programs, especially for the unemployed, we would be much more successful in getting children to school and not getting buried in debt. Some will realize their own dreams and continue to own businesses and may go to school later in life. But at least they had a choice.

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