Consistency is the key to a successful home based business

I ran cross country in high school and when I finished that I thought I would NEVER run distance again! Then we moved to Hawaii (thanks to my home business) and had another baby who likes to wake up between 5:30 and 6:00 am Since I don’t want her to wake anyone else in the house, I started taking her for walks . I then started running part of the hike. Then, I started running the entire hike except for the hills. After doing this for months, I started running all the way…uphill, downhill, and in a straight line!

Now, I have added more distance and harder hills. Now it drives me crazy just walking. Now I feel like I can’t exercise unless I’m running uphill, pushing an almost 2 year old all the time. Now I feel like I can accomplish more, I can go further, I can try harder and I know I will succeed! Maybe not right away, maybe it will take a while to conquer that hill or go the extra mile. I may even have to change things a bit to get it to work…but I know it will!

So how does this relate to having a successful home business?

I have been saying for years that the most important aspect of your business is consistency! Above anything else, you need to be constantly working on your business (just like I was constantly walking, 6 days a week, when I started). Constancy, or better said, habits, mean that even on those days when you think you don’t want to do it, another part of your brain thinks that something is missing if you don’t do it, so you do it. But even on those rare days when you don’t, you complete the necessary tasks the next day and you actually work a little harder, a little longer, because when it’s a habit your brain reminds you, pushes you, directs you to keep going. … that’s how a habit works and that’s why consistency in your business works for you to be successful. But, not working working, or more specifically, consistently not working your business, is also what makes you fail…it works both ways.

To get started, start where you feel comfortable. Then push a little more, then push a little more. When I started my business, I never thought he would be able to tell my husband to quit his job so we could move 3,500 miles and start fresh in Hawaii. But I did, so what you need to do is start today! Set a schedule and commit to working on your business, make it a habit. I’m not saying he won’t have to change course a bit over time, or tweak things from time to time, because he will. But get in the habit of working on your business consistently and watch what happens to your results. I don’t care what you’re talking about. It could be exercising, eating right, building a strong marriage, having a successful business, or any number of other things… develop habits that will move you in the direction of your goals and watch what happens!

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