Coming Soon Modern Warfare 2 – What are players most excited about?

From perks to weapons to maps and special ops mode, players are eagerly awaiting Activision’s latest title, Modern Warfare 2. The first sneak peek we got was on the game’s initial trailer, which featured some hazy, bright green images of symbols. of advantages. There were boots with wings on (I doubt you’re going to fly!) A larger circle with an arrow pointing down and two crossed daggers, to name just a few. Speculation about these perks has been rife on the internet, and some are obvious, such as that the winged boot is more than likely a speed advantage.

News has been released of the weapons that will and will not be available and many fans have been delighted that the P90 has been removed from the list. One Modern Warfare fan stated that ‘the P90 is too good a weapon, if you have it and the other doesn’t have it, it makes for an uneven playing field’.

Infinity Ward put a lot of effort into the landscapes that will appear in MW2 and the reaction of gamers around the world to the new setting has been fantastic. The first thing people have been talking about and excited about is the new Special Ops mode. Robert Bowling, the community manager, revealed details of this at the E3 expo. There will be separate missions from the single player that are more difficult to complete and will have time trials attached, very exciting! However, the highlight of this mode will be the fact that there is a cooperative mode. This means that you and your friend can play for hours trying to complete all the missions and then play for hours trying to beat your previous best time. Modern Warfare 2 seems ready to rock!

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