Cancer ends all happily

Cancer ends everything happily.

Looking forward to summer vacation, we were ready to go to our grandmother’s house. We all had a great time. The whole family got together and had a party time. With a lot of different food, we enjoyed every day. This was the movement for all of us to share our feelings and thoughts about the good or bad events.

One of my aunts who was very fond of children waited for us to arrive because she had not been blessed with one. We all loved her very much. Since our childhood, we always solved our queries with her suggestions. We enjoyed spending time with her. She had very cute and adorable beautiful long hair and a nice face. We could go crazy with her, to the zoo, to the gardens, to the shops and to the restaurant too. We had a great time together.

It was Sunday and we were all enjoying the football game in our garden. The aunt who was sitting near the window was watching us play. Therefore, her bed was purposely placed near the window so that she could witness all of us and she would not feel isolated. We all screamed and screamed as we played and got mud and dirt all over our bodies. This was something we did on purpose to entertain her.

Why do we all pay special attention to it?

What was the reason he loved us all?

Why was her bed confined to the window?

Why was he in poor health?

These were certain questions that popped into our minds but we never got the answer. Therefore, my mom told me that you were too young to understand. But one day I overheard a conversation between my parents and my uncles. All the elders had a meeting about the aunt’s health somehow they found out a little about what happened to her. It was her birthday and we planned something special for her. We booked three tables at one of the restaurants in town. She was a normal looking middle-aged woman but that day my mom made her look even more beautiful. She was wearing a new sari that my grandmother gave her. We were all in the restaurant. All my cousins ​​were planning our favorite dinner that we’re going to order. We were rather hungrier that night.

A large colorful cake came over to our table. The waiter carefully leaned back in the center of the table, lit a candle and wished my aunt a long life. But she gave him a sweet smile and was speechless.

It was this beautiful afternoon my mobile run. Our aunt is gone, her last breath was at 8:45 this morning. It was my older sister who informed me of my aunt’s death. She suffered from breast cancer. Her battle with cancer ended after two years. Of course, Cancer won the battle. My uncle and aunt had no problems of their own. She always had this regret. My sister was the eldest among her cousins. My aunt always had the soft corner towards her. She always hid the health problems from her.

A strong chest pain split her, she had in her hands a Medical Report that was Breast Cancer. This shocking news created a fear. She began the painful treatment process. The first year of treatment was enough to break her physically and mentally. My uncle was not financially strong. He took the help of the government scheme. He was somewhere upset with the expenses required in the treatment.

The second year was very hard for both of them. My uncle was upset with his treatment. He had stress blows and was afraid of losing her when he saw that her health was getting worse day by day. During this period she even had a high PA hit. But a quick treatment gave her a new life but somewhere she left the side effects of her. He was mentally disturbed. She was now bedridden. She could barely move her eye anywhere. My Uncle put her on her wheels and took her to her bathroom, gave her a clean bath, covered her with a robe and put her on her back on the bed, he fed her with her hands.

His body had many marks of surgery, cuts, scars. She shook, burst into tears and screamed during the treatment. She was going to die very soon. It’s all over. She couldn’t raise her hands, but she prayed to God to end her life soon. We all saw the pain and suffering he went through. But we were defenseless. All we could do was watch her cry helplessly. That was the end of all her pain and suffering. She was gone. Her last trip was very painful. Still, she looked happy as she took her last breath.

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