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When it comes to commerce strategies, content advertising has just been crowned master, far surpassing search engine marketing, public relations, and even print, television, and radio broadcasting as the preferred form of marketing for consumers. business-to-business business leads today.

Late this summer, an Internet software solutions company surveyed nearly 400 marketers on business-to-business market position and found that advertisers are fleeing established marketing strategy, such as search engine optimization. search, and have created content targeting the most used plan in their branded repair toolbox. The fact is, according to the B2B Marketing Trends Survey Report, twice as many B2B marketers now use content marketing than print, TV, and radio ads from a survey.

So what exactly is content marketing? Is the establishment and publication of new content, such as blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos, and photos, with the intent to generate leads, enhance brand distinctiveness, and expose the company’s experience in the market. matter. One study found that an impressive 82 percent of B2B marketers now use these as applied tactics in their advertising programs. Coming in a distant second is search engine marketing at 70 percent, followed by events at 68 percent, public relations at 64 percent, and mainstream marketing at 32 percent.

Seventy-eight percent of marketers said driving sales and leads was the top marketing goal for their business, followed by increasing brand awareness and establishing or continuing thought leadership. Another 28 percent said their initial goal was to amplify web traffic, and 24 percent said it was to increase search results.

Part of content marketing’s visibility is its ability to produce qualified leads while also attracting prospects in a branded environment without breaking the budget. Almost half of the content marketers interviewed said they spend less than a third of their budgets on such marketing expenses. In addition to frugality, B2B marketers also believe that most of their customers and prospects are online, which is why they focus their marketing efforts on the Internet.

Finally, the study shows that “content scrutiny,” defined as the process of unearthing, organizing, and associating content, continues to gain traction as a top marketing action plan, up 17 percent from six years ago. months. Seen as a way for marketers to push their marketing programs, content curation has its problems. Nearly 70 percent of content curators say a lack of time hampers their efforts, and 66 percent say a lack of quality, original content is a major handicap. Another 38 percent say difficulty measuring earnings is the hurdle and 37 percent say lack of experience to do the job is the hurdle.

Despite these issues, this study makes it clear that content marketing is only going to become more important in the future, whether advertising to other businesses or to the general public.

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