BEAT HIM AS A TRAINER! The 1 SECRET to success that will change your coaching business forever

Q: What is it that separates the super successful coaches from the mediocre ones? Is there a single secret… or strategy, system, or skill set that separates the people who apparently have a lot of customers from those who don’t?

The truth is, there are all kinds of incredibly talented, gifted, caring, compassionate and super skilled coaches, consultants, teachers, trainers and passionate people out there who will never get their first paying client…and plenty of self centered snake oil salesmen to be had all cash paying customers they can handle.

It’s not really about talent, or even the ability to help per se… at least from my point of view. It’s about having a curriculum, or its content encoded into a simple system that can be sold.

In a content marketing based system…your “RESUME” is the simple sequence of steps where you encode your niche knowledge or data dump into something that feels tangible to your customers…and serves to set you apart from others. your competition in the market of ideas and results.

For example –

All things being equal… Who would you rather hire as a business coach?

Someone who has a very specific and very structured system to build your brand, your blog, your business and your bank account from step 1…

Prayed –

Someone who doesn’t have any specific structure or sequence of steps, but has a great sales pitch and story about what you can do to help?

All things being equal, I can tell you without any equivocation in my own experience and business:

People want the security of a system!


It feels more meaningful and substantial and can be seen, touched, and tasted. (where results, even the powerfully promised ones from someone you think you can trust… still feel fleeting, light and inconclusive)

I can tell you in my little coaching practice, the process of coding my ideas into a series of step-by-step blueprints, PDFs, and schematics has made all the difference in the world…and it will do the same for you.

The information is exactly the same.

The way it is presented is more powerful and palpable. (and profitable)

What has been your experience? Are you struggling to get your marketing message to the masses?

I promise you this… if you have big goals and big plans that are based on putting your PASSION into the world around you, creating foundational content that outlines your approach, or a simple step-by-step system that articulates your ideas, this is it. BEST thing you can do for your brand and business in 2013…and beyond.

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