Are demonic possessions real?

As the song goes, ‘He’s a fool who takes it easy by making the world a little colder.’ But he was playing well. I didn’t want to be caught believing in fairy tales. I was an intellectual, whatever that really means. I now call that state of being cognitive dissonance. A fancy term for closed-minded.

He knew there was evil in the world. But I thought that humans did a good job of being evil without the help of supernatural entities. That was until I came face to face with one.

I was on a course called Ultimate Healing taught by a shaman from the West Country in England. OK, so he wasn’t entirely closed-minded! It was quite an amazing course. We fasted for a month eating only raw organic produce and taking minerals from the Dead Sea. This had the effect of greatly increasing our electronic voltage. We are electromagnetic beings and life is measured by voltage. Without voltage, we are dead. The shaman, among other things, was an iridologist. He could treat the body, mind and emotions by analyzing the patterns in the iris. Then, as his assistants, we co-facilitate ourselves by pressing on the acupuncture meridian points that the shaman instructed, according to his diagnosis. The combination of the pressure and the increased voltage had the ability to release stuck energy from the cells caduceus coil. Energy is encoded with information. We are basically coded Energy. That is why we have to control our thoughts.

I saw some amazing things happen. As the coded Energy was released, people experienced physical, mental and emotional transformations. A woman had been born with a severe curvature of the spine. Now in her fifties, she made her be in a perpetual state of leaning forward. This began to move before our eyes as if her spine was made of putty. I began to see the colors of the electromagnetic field around people and how it is influenced by emotions. A woman talking about her children began to flood green light from her hands, the color of the heart chakra.

There is a point that you can press on the upper part of your palate that releases the Energy present at your conception. We all got to experience the excitement present in our designs! Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning until you are your original essence, your cosmic model manifested with all its inherent qualities.

There was a girl who was there at the behest of her mother. She had been hospitalized for schizophrenia. Her mother believed there was something more at work with her daughter. More on that…

The course was two weeks. The first week was the cells of the body, the second week the skeletal system. She couldn’t have anything left after the two weeks unless his thought patterns recreated his condition. Controlling thought is more difficult than traversing dimensions!

The young shaman sat against a wall eating the healthy version of Twinkies. His grandmother had been a Hungarian shaman and had trained him since he was a child. He had also trained with the Kahunas of Hawaii. The final test is that you take poison and you have to transmute it with your mind. If you can’t, the older shamans take care of you and give you an antidote. Probably in earlier times you died.

We come to the last day. Skull. Suddenly, the girl let out the most piercing and shocking scream you have ever heard. And, I get, like in the movies, the room got cold. The shaman did a catch-and-eliminate sort of thing as gleefully as if he were hitting a home run in a junior league baseball game. He had been hiding up there in his head.

When he finished, the girl said that she had seen herself in a previous life with a suicidal depression and that’s when he penetrated her. What I now know, thanks to other interesting experiences, is that once they get a hold of you, they can really influence your thoughts and feed on you.

Another time I was on an absolutely fascinating course called Genome Healing in Australia. This was based on the teachings of Grigori Grabavoi.

This was again working with Energy but in a different way, more with organs and geometry. All manifestation is based on geometry. Our Universe, for example, is based on fractal geometry that creates a vector balance in harmonic intervals. (Is this the music of the spheres? The heavenly choir?) Quantum theorist Nassim Harramein explains it nicely. Links below.

Again, another way to interact with the Energy to influence, clear and correct the personal manifestation of mind/body/emotion in a holistic way to align with the highest potentiality for the highest good of one and the highest good of all. But there was a guy there who wasn’t easy going. In fact, he swore a lot. When I looked at him, his face looked pale and very tense. I just knew that he had a certain problem…

This continued throughout the day. At one point she began to make a gurgling sound. Demon release. Well, partial release. I approached the charming facilitator and said: I think he has demons. I knew that something was really wrong and I didn’t quite know what to do, since he was becoming disturbing. She didn’t see the paleness and tightness, so I realized that she, for some reason, was able to perceive her condition when she was hidden from others. Anyway, he started to figure it out for himself and had a massive gurgling release after a lot of yelling. I saw them fly around the room… like Ghostbusters!

Okay, it wasn’t green, it was clear and not that sharp, but I could see and it had substance and intent, and it was terribly creepy!
One flew close to my face because I knew I could see it. They flew out the window and all the lights in the building went out and soon after we heard that the lights had gone out at the airport and elsewhere.

The facilitator had us all take a break and cleared the energy field in the room with her assistants. Meanwhile, the wind was whipping outside.

We all settled down, we went back and resumed. As strange as it sounds, well maybe not so strange, in that way the Universe lays down teachings for us, the facilitator wanted to show us how we could channel the elements. So, a woman volunteered and communicated with the wind. She then sat next to my roommate, who immediately got sick and threw up. What happened is that the demons had re-entered the room with the whipping wind, towards the woman who was speaking and then towards my roommate who, being very pure in heart, immediately vomited them out.

At this point there was chaos, people were leaving, people were scared shitless, no one doubted that something weird was going on and said that the person possessed by demons was in a state. Too shy to say it out loud (or too scared not to be cool), I was loudly and silently decreeing that IN CHRIST’S NAME DEMONS MUST NOW BE DEFEATED, because that’s one of Christ’s job descriptions, TRUE? He is the destroyer of demons of all time. Well, something worked.

It was installed and the two very capable assistants took it away and worked with it. Using some of Grabavoi’s amazing techniques, they were able to create geometric energy vessels to encapsulate and dispose of the last of the demons. More screams. And finally relief. For the first time in his life, this young man could breathe. He was a really lovely person! It turned out that he had been conceived in the darkest ritual imaginable and had a tortuous childhood with severe abuse and had also been a dark wizard in a previous life and these entities had been his servants. He had taken a (very) wrong turn.

Good magic is intention plus Unconditional Love. That is what we call a miracle, but miracles are actually within natural laws that we are not yet aware of. Bad magic is the same Life Force that is used to deal damage. It’s about the intention.

So do I believe in demons? Yes. To avoid them we must live in the highest possible state of Virtue. I’m serious. I think a lot of the massive rise in the teen and adult suicide rate is due to this, but we’re all too cool to consider it a factor. Right?

I hate to admit that a lot of that biblical ‘storm and stress’ stuff is correct, but I believe it is. Avoid the seven deadly sins: Sloth, Despair, Anger, Greed, Lust, Pride and Vanity. I think we can include Envy there as well. Lust and passion are two different things. Lust goals. I’m sure desperation is there to warn what it can lead to, in the style of our friend in the first story.

Develop the Virtues: Faith, Hope, Charity, Kindness, Honesty, Integrity, Courage, Courage, Discretion, Loyalty, Endurance, and Compassion (and many more: Creativity, Love, inspiration, etc.). Build your house of Virtues and magical Gifts will come. We can learn to invoke the Gifts in any way, but if we haven’t built a solid foundation of Virtue, we can get sidetracked.

I personally do not drink alcohol or smoke or take drugs, not only for this reason. When you start experiencing ecstatic states, you don’t want to mess with them because nothing feels better. I have also ‘seen’ with second sight heavy drinkers covered in layers of muddy dust. We are in a Unified Field. What do you want to connect to?

Your conscience is your most precious possession, and your body. Take good care of them and treat them like the miraculous gifts of Grace that they are.

In the words of Jesus, love your God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. That covers it. If the G word puts you in a semantic state, replace it with LIFE.


And don’t bother being cool. It’s so much more fun to be hot!

With love, Stephanie

(c) The metaphysical muse

Nassim Haramein talking about the Unified Field, a truly brilliant quantum physicist who advanced our perception of reality:

Fractal geometry and the tetrahedron, a great article on how our Universe is made:

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