Angel Investor Directory: How to Use One to Raise Capital

This article provides tips and strategies on how to raise capital using an angel investor directory. If you’re currently working with investors, these tips should help you do it more effectively.

Angel Investor Directory Tips for Raising Capital:

  • First, make sure you get a high-quality directory that provides pro-rated refunds for inaccurate data. Also make sure you get this resource from a well-known organization that appears to be a real business and not just a small media company.
  • Meet face to face whenever possible so that you have a chance to really read the investor response and get as much feedback as possible. View each meeting as a learning experience and take very good notes and listen carefully to what the angels are saying. Their advice could help you land an investment with the next investor or keep your company from going bankrupt.
  • Don’t be too arrogant or too confident about your business prospects. Most businesses fail after a few years and everyone thinks they have a billion dollar idea, be modest and plan everything after you do your homework, not before.
  • Work daily to reach new angels and expand your reach. In this way, you will always discover new opportunities and learn more about the process of raising capital. If you reach out to 20-30 potential investors every day and refine your approach as you go, it’s only a matter of time before you’re successful and you may determine that your idea won’t get funding.

By following the tips above, you’ll most likely be 70% more effective at raising capital than your competitors. Good luck fundraising!

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