6 mobile apps that can help improve your child’s grades

Technology has been residing in education for quite some time, and you can actually use it to the benefit of your child. Not all mobile apps are a source of distraction and some of them may work to improve your child’s grades. When used correctly, even mobile phones can help students study, keep an effective schedule, and maintain required academic discipline. You can surely hand over a phone or tablet to your child, but make sure they have the following 6 apps installed.

  • YouTube Kids

YouTube remains one of the best resources for learning about topics as students respond to videos more than textual information. Depending on your child’s level, give access to the standard app or download YouTube Kids, where students can stream educational videos on almost any topic. The safe search option gives you parental control and YouTube also maintains a strict policy on searches performed. Whether reading about astronomy or learning a new instrument, YouTube is still the best app to have on hand.

  • Duolingo

Tea the best school in Sonepat have foreign language classes as a mandate in your curriculum. Your child can expand their knowledge and practice the language on the go with the Duolingo app. It has lessons in a variety of languages ​​including French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, and even English. The download is completely free and offers a variety of lessons for all levels. Students learning a foreign language can combine school materials with this app and learn about correct pronunciation and spelling when the teacher is not immediately available.

  • Calendar

Time management is one of the key parameters that helps students improve their grades, and proper planning goes a long way to effective study. The Timetable app combines these two features into a single app along with a host of other benefits. Students can create their school routine in this app, color-coded their days, set reminders for lessons and assignments, and create a calendar for upcoming exams. The app can be synced across multiple Android devices and can interact with other apps. Students can also set Timetable to silence the phone during class hours to avoid all distractions.

  • Dictionary.com

This paid app is an investment worth considering as it can do wonders for improving your child’s vocabulary. The cost is less than that of a real dictionary and gives you access to over twenty lakhs of definitions along with thesaurus features, antonyms, synonyms, origin, history, and much more. Your child’s phone may also have a widget on the home screen where Dictionary.com displays their “Word of the Day” from where students can continually learn without having to read. The free version comes with ads, but the paid version has no such distractions.

  • Dragon box

Top schools in Sonepat believes in starting math from a young age and Dragon Box provides the perfect platform to make that easy. Children will hardly respond to numbers alone, but if math is combined with educational games and fun videos, they will learn the concepts of algebra and geometry faster. With the Dragon Box app, you can help your child make math fun and enhance the overall learning experience. It’s easy to use, gives the student access to 5 learning apps, and makes the overall topic easier to understand. Dragon Box may be your answer to activity-based learning.

  • Evernote

One of the best apps for taking notes, marking important points, and marking assets on all platforms. Students can use Evernote to write their essays, prepare electronic copies of their class notes, conduct research for projects, create a checklist, create reminders, and more. This free application is available on all devices with the necessary synchronization and students can access their materials from anywhere. Your child can use it as a notebook, journal, lesson planner, and much more. Evernote really makes organizing easier and definitely the lightest bags.

Tea high school in Sonepat You will always recognize the benefits of mobile applications and encourage students to use the useful ones. Swarnprastha is one such institute that is included in that list and maintains its own school app to help students and parents. The school’s SCHOOFI app bridges the gap between parents and faculty and provides a number of key benefits including real-time notifications, upcoming event reminders, test result statements, and much more. It’s time for students to tap into the full potential of available technology to improve their grades and mobile apps can really be your helpful guide.

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