5 Reasons to Consider UnderTray Systems vs. Traditional Side Skirts

SmartTruck has a patented aerodynamic undertray system that offers a unique alternative to trailer side skirts. Designed to reduce the size of high-drag wake, these solutions provide the greatest amount of drag reduction and fuel savings of an aerodynamic towing device. Incoming airflow under the trailer is compressed and accelerated through the bottom tray components, drawing high-energy airflow from above the trailer into the trailer wake.

Here are five reasons to consider UnderTrays vs Side Skirts for your next trailer:

1. Greater fuel efficiency

With fuel savings verified by the US EPA SmartWay Transportation Association, even SmartTruck’s base unit, the UT-1 system, provides a 5.5% MPG improvement at highway speeds. This translates to 7 gallons of fuel saved per 1,000 miles. For those willing to invest a little more, the UT-6 system with side fairings provides up to a 10% MPG improvement or 12.5 gallons saved per 1,000 miles.

With the fuel savings provided with either system, most owner-operators or fleets will recoup their investment within the first year!

2. Less maintenance than traditional skirts

The UnderTray system installs within your trailer footprint high off the ground to avoid contact with steep loading docks or other obstacles. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, it is suitable for all types of weather. While skirts can often be damaged, ripped, or completely destroyed in a blowout, these systems are designed to last as long as your trailer.

3. Easier accessibility

With traditional skirts, the driver loses access to a trailer’s undercarriage where spare tires and other parts can be stored. With the unique design of Smart Truck Under Tray Systems, the driver now has full access to the space under their trailer.

4. A bolder look

Most truckers take pride in their equipment. The aerodynamic design of the lower tray systems provides a sleeker, bolder look than traditional side skirts that typically get muddy, rust or get damaged by rocks and debris thrown up while on the road. As SmartTruck’s tagline demonstrates, they are “changing the shape of trucks.”

5. CARB Compliant Towing System

To operate in California, a fleet that meets CARB requirements for trailers is required. Whether you decide to use traditional skirts or move to a more modern solution like SmartTruck’s lower trays, a fuel efficient towing system will be necessary to avoid potentially catastrophic fines. Prime Time Equipment can help your fleet meet California CARB requirements.

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