10 important office supplies

Productivity and efficiency are two of the most important goals for every office, but a number of factors can impact employee performance in each office. One of those factors may be not having access to proper office supplies and equipment.

If you need help putting together a list of office supplies for your business, here are 10 to consider:

1. PENS – They run out and run away. Offices run out of pens quickly, so make sure you have a good stock of black and blue pens to ensure you never run out.

2. NOTEPADS: Pens aren’t much use if there isn’t something to write on, so you’ll need a good supply of notepads and writing pads for staff to take notes and jot down ideas.

3. PAPER – In addition to writing paper, you’ll also need paper for printers, fax machines, photocopiers, and much more.

4. DIARIES – Although mobile phones and computers have replaced them to some extent, many employees still rely on a written journal.

5. POST-ITS: Office workers are forgetful and need to be reminded of many things. Post-it notes and other sticky note products will ensure that the password is not lost and that the recipients do not miss any messages.

6. FILES AND FOLDERS – Another one that may have been affected by computers and hard drives, but don’t ignore the importance of keeping hard copies of your most important documents and the best way to store them is in files and folders.

7. STAPLER: Unauthorized loan of staplers make up 50% of all office arguments (probably), so make sure there’s enough to go around. Don’t forget the staples either.

8. WHITEBOARDS: If you still prefer to conduct meetings without relying on technology, having a whiteboard with appropriate pens and paper will continue to be a vital addition to the boardroom.

9. ENVELOPES – Sending invoices, letters and products implies having the appropriate envelopes and packaging. That means a wide selection of envelopes and, to help pack larger items, some duct tape.

10. PRINTER INK: There’s nothing more frustrating in the office than when your printer runs out of ink in the middle of an important document. Being able to replace it right away with the right ink cartridge will make everyone’s life easier.

Hopefully now you’re ready to start building your list of office supplies and office stationery.

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